What is Space plate Light Manipulation?

Researchers from University of Ottawa proposed a new optical element that could turn a telescope into thin sheet of paper, or a much smaller & lighter high-performance camera. This idea can turn into reality by dramatically miniaturizing optical devices.

About new optical element

Researchers have developed a new optical element called ‘Spaceplate’ which “spreads out” light when it is travelling through it. In every telescope there is a large gap between eyepiece and objective lens giving light room to spread. Spaceplate stimulates same spreading which light would experience travelling large distance in small device. Space plate looks like “more space” for light, than it actually occupies. It is a counterpart to lens that shrink down entire imaging systems.


Researchers, Jeff Lundeen & Orad Reshef came up with idea of Spaceplace using nanotechnology to manipulate a ray based on its position

Uses of Space plate

Space plate can be used to miniaturize many optical systems like display or sensors. It can enable paper-thin telescopes or cameras and can be used to remove “camera bump” on smartphone. Spaceplate when combined with metalenses can make entire back surface. It has 14 times better resolution and low-light performance than large and heavy cameras. It can also be used in applications like health care where camera pills or endoscopes to look inside arteries or digestive system.




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