What is ‘eSanjeevani’ telemedicine service?

Recently, ‘eSanjeevani’ telemedicine service completed about 3 lakh tele-consultation (online cosultations) . eSanjeevani is the platform of the Union Health Ministry that provides tele-consultations.
There are two components of  teleconsultation services- eSanjeevani and eSanjeevaniOPD.

About eSanjeevani

The eSanjeevani is a telemedicine service which is implemented under Ayushman Bharat health initiative for doctor-to-doctor interaction. It aims to connect all the 1.5 lakh health and wellness centre which has been established under Ayushman Bharat. This service is restricted to Android users, as of now. As of now, eSanjeevani has been implemented in 23 States.

About eSanjeevaniOPD

It is the second tele-consultation service that enables patient-to-doctor interaction ensuring the physical distancing amidst COVID-19. The OPD have provided essential healthcare at a critical time when conventional medicine is perceived to be risky because of the nature of the infectious disease. The app was launched on 13th April this year in the aftermath COVID-19 pandemic. This has turned to be a boon by containing the spread of COVID besides providing essential healthcare for non-COVID patients. Tamil Nadu has contributed 97,204 consultations on the eSanjeevaniOPD so far. Uttar Pradesh is at second place with 65,173 total consultations.

Key Features of the application

It is a management information system (MIS) based application, designed for users to choose as per their need. It provides specialties including tele-cardiology and tele-ophthalmologyy. The striking features of the app includes Comprehensive Electronic Medical Record, video conferencing and tele-consultation.

Ayushman Bharat

PM Modi launched this scheme in 2018. It has aimed at providing free insurance coverage of up to Rs 5 lakhs per family per year. It identifies beneficiaries based on the Socio-Economic Caste Census data. Currently, 74 crores of beneficiary families have been identified.




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