What is Baltic Travel Bubble recently in news?

The Baltic countries have opened their borders to one another creating “travel bubble”. This is being called the Baltic Travel Bubble.


With the opening of the borders, the citizens and residents of the European Nations can move freely. However, people coming from outside the zone are being quarantined for 14 days. This is the first travel bubble since the lock down.

The Baltic states are not as badly affected as the other European states. There are less than 150 recorded death in the region. Finland and Poland have been called  to join the Baltic Travel Bubble.

What is Travel Bubble?

The term Travel Bubble came into existence in the month of April 2020. Under the travel bubble strategy, the governments will open the travel pertaining to safe travel zones in the world. This will include regions where the virus risk is minimal. This was initiated by Australia and New Zealand. The countries agreed to the idea of travel bubble between them recently.

Baltic Countries

The Baltic Countries are those countries that are in the Northern Europe and in the eastern coast of Baltic sea. The countries that are referred to Baltic state include Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.

The countries that border Baltic sea include Russia, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Germany, Poland, Lithuania.




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