What are Embedded Sims or E-sims?

The Embedded SIM or E-sim is a modern technology which allows an unprecedented level of connectivity between devices. An e-sim allows a digital device to stay connected with a cellular network and thus, the web even without a cell phone.

Advantages of an Embedded SIM or E-sim

  • An Embedded SIM or E-sim is an extension of the sim which is already present within our digital devices.
  • Unlike conventional sims, we don’t need to replace an embedded SIM or E-sim every time we change our number.
  • An embedded SIM or E-sim also allows the support of multiple applications which is not possible using a conventional SIM.
  • An eSIM can be used for several applications beyond communications and connectivity.
  • They can also be modified as per our needs and requirements via a remote channel.
  • The use of eSIM will allow a revolution in near field communication (NFC).
  • This will allow devices to securely handle functions like payments, identification without much concerns of privacy or data security.
  • In the future, all current chip-based credit and debit cards can be replaced by eSIMs, allowing a single card to be used for the verification of identity and for payments.

Current devices that use an embedded SIM or E-sim

The ubiquity of an embedded SIM or E-sim can be gauged from the fact that it is used in various devices like the Apple’s iPad to the Apple Watch and even in vehicles like the MG Hector (a Sports Utility vehicle) and in modern sensors. Even the large auto manufacturer, Hyundai is using eSIMs in some of its applications.


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