War Memorial for Service Animals to be set up at Meerut

India’s first war memorial for service animals including dogs, horses, and mules is to be set up in Meerut city in Uttar Pradesh.

The place will be dedicated to recognizing the contributions and heroics of animals who have helped the army in counter-insurgency operations in Kashmir and in the battlefield during the Kargil War. Similar to the national war memorial of Delhi, this memorial will be established at the Remount and Veterinary Corps (RVC) Centre and College in Meerut. Tablets in granite with the name and service numbers of more than 300 dogs, few horses and mules along with more than 350 of handlers of the service animals will be inscribed. As per the report from the India Army, the list of the highest honour for dogs is topped by a Labrador, named Mansi, her role in the counter-insurgency operations conducted in the Kashmir region during the year 2016 tops the list of the animals to be remembered.



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