"Vitamin E" Beneficial or Harmful depends on its source

According to new research, certain forms of Vitamin A can be harmful for the lungs while certain other can be helpful in normal functioning of lungs. The research has found that a form of Vitamin E found in vegetable oils like Corn and Canola can harm lungs, while another form of the same vitamin found in Olive Oil can aid normal functioning of lungs. The scientists claimed that this could be one of the reasons why studies of the health effects of the vitamin have had given conflicting results so far.
Vitamin E exists in various forms called tocopherols and it is found in fats and oils. Supplements of the vitamin may contain a single type of tocopherol, or a mix. The study found that a form of the vitamin called ‘gamma tocophero’, which is found in corn, canola and soybean oils, are harmful for lungs.
The research suggests that consumers who use the vitamin and doctors who prescribe must be careful towards the source and formulation of the vitamin. It is sometimes mentioned on the labels of supplements, but not always.



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