Vinod Rai’s book “Not just an Accountant” puts UPA under scanner again

Former Comptroller and Auditor General of India Vinod Rai has given UPA enough food for thought and reflection as it stands to challenge the ethical standards of UPA government. Rai, talking to media on sidelines of the launch event of his new book, “ Not just an Accountant”, shared that some ministers from UPA government had pressurized him to remove their names from CAG reports in both CWG and Coalgate scams. He went on to state that he was under constant and great pressure from the government to work according in their favor.
This is alarming indeed as this is the third book which has been released in the span of last 6 months and which has boldly highlighted the extent of manipulations done by UPA to keep their image clean especially in the wake of elections. The first book to make news and hold such tall claims was Sanjay Baru’s , “An Accidental Prime Minister”, followed by Natwar Singh’s , “One Life is not Enough”. All three books have spelt trouble for UPA alliance as they brought to the public eye gross irregularities and total disregard of the public sentiment for vested interests.
The last 2 books although challenged by the UPA government have definitely opened the Pandora’s box which will reveal many other secrets of the red beacon people at the Centre during UPA times in India. It is not hidden that there were a lot of scams during both the tenures of Manmohan Singh’s government. He was also repeatedly criticized by the media and other experts for not being a strong PM and voicing his opinions on matters of grave importance.
These 3 books have just reiterated the same sentiment and has reinforced the views of the public which led to a dismal defeat of UPA in the general elections. UPA who was not even allowed 10% representation in the Parliament by the public in 2014 elections, has been trying up its ante against minor policy changes and directions of the current government. The leaders are trying hard to get the LoP seat and are commenting on lack of considerable performance of Modi government in its first 100 days, but the truth of the matter is that they have forgotten their own misrule which had given high CAD, inflation and scams.
UPA if clean has to come up with concrete evidence to refute the charges being levied against them via various books or they should be able to brave them grace and humble acceptance. Vinod Rai’s book will hit the shelves on September 15, 2014 and will be picked like hot cakes. The 15 chapters will make a worth read for every Indian who wishes to know how the ex-PM himself succumbed to what he himself once described as ‘compulsions of coalition politics’.



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