Uttar Pradesh Plan for 2013-14 finalized by Planning Commission

The Planning Commission and the Uttar Pradesh govt together finalized Annual Plan for Uttar Pradesh of Rs 69200 crore for the financial year 2013-14.
The Funding Process is bifurcated in 2 parts:
The Plan funding from the Central Government to the State of Uttar Pradesh from all sources is expected to be over Rs.30000 crore during 2013-14.

  • This includes central assistance to the State Plan of about Rs 11225 crore.
  • An amount of about Rs 18000 crore is likely to flow from the Centre to U.P. through various Centrally Sponsored Schemes.
Performance of the Uttar Pradesh (UP) during 11th Five Year Plan:
  • In the financial year 2012-13, growth rate of Uttar Pradesh was better than the national growth. The national average growth was 5%, whereas, average growth rate of Uttar Pradesh was 5.4 %
  • Industry and Service sector achieved the growth rate of 2.8 and 7.6 % respectively.
  • Growth rate in agriculture achieved by the state was 2.6 %
  • The social indicators of Uttar Pradesh during the 11th Five Year Plan were positive.
  • The state was successful in establishing the economic activity by focusing on the development of social and physical infrastructure.

During the 12th Five Year Plan, the state needs to get rid of its dependency on the ground water for irrigation purposes. It needs to improve on the share of industry sector. The latest industrial policy is an initiative to get out of these impediments.

Uttar Pradesh 12th Five Year plan focus:
  • Development of economic infrastructure and more than 20% of the outlay would be used for this sector.
  • Time bound implementation of national flagship programs and effective implementation of agriculture policy.
  • Encourage private participation by creating an atmosphere conducive to investment.
  • The infrastructure and industrial policy is being implemented to attract private investment and all district headquarters are being connected by 4 lane roads by the end of the plan while all 500 plus habitations will be connected with all-weather roads in two years.
  • Optimum utilization of limited water resources while planning for five per cent growth in agriculture.
  • Education & Health should be given priority while working out development strategy
  • Construction of 300 bridges and 100 ROB in the State with the help of PPP mode for these projects so that they could avail the benefits under Viability Gap Funding Scheme.