US Unveils Merit-Based Immigration Policy Plan

President Trump has unveiled a new merit-based immigration policy. The new policy:

  • Proposes a point-based system under which people with skills would be preferred for permanent residency as against the current country-based quotas that favour family ties for green cards.
  • Would provide about 57% of the of green cards, or lawful permanent residence status to people with skill-based visas as against the 12% currently.
  • Favours those immigrants who are exceptional students, those with “extraordinary talent” and people who work in professional and specialised vocations.
  • Would rate the applicants based on age, English proficiency and offers of employment at a certain wage threshold in order to protect the interests of the low-wage American workers.

The new plan also primarily focusses on strengthening border security and revamping the system of Green Card or legal permanent residency so that people with merit, higher degrees and professional qualifications could get easy access to the immigration system.

Benefit to Indians

The move is likely to benefit hundreds and thousands of Indian professionals on H-1B visa whose current Green Card wait, on an average, is more than a decade.