US & UK to hold G7 meet on Afghanistan

United States President, Joe Biden and British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson agreed to hold a virtual G7 meet on Afghanistan.

Key Points

  • Both the leaders exchanged their views on phone regarding recent developments in Afghanistan.
  • Both of them commended the bravery and professionalism of their military and civilian personnel, working together in Kabul to evacuate their citizens and Afghan nationals.
  • They also exchanged views on need for continued close coordination among allies and democratic partners on Afghanistan policy along with the ways in which global community can provide humanitarian assistance and support to refugees and vulnerable Afghans.

Group of Seven (G7)

It is an inter-governmental political forum comprising of France, Canada, Italy, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States. Members of G7 are the largest IMF advanced economies worldwide and wealthiest liberal democracies. G7 is organized around shared values of pluralism and representative government. Members account for 60 percent of global net wealth and 32 – 46 percent of global gross domestic product as of 2018.

History of G7

G7 grouping originated in 1973 from an ad hoc meeting of finance ministers. Since then, it is a formal, high-profile venue to discuss and coordinate solutions to major global issues such as on trade, security, economics, and climate change.

UK-US relations

Bilateral relations between the UK and the US have evolved amid two early wars and competition for world markets. Both the countries have been close military allies since 1940 and enjoy Special Relationship that was built as wartime allies and NATO partners. They are closely associated by shared history, common language, religion, legal system and kinship ties including ancestral lines among English Americans and Scottish Americans etc.




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