US tourist freed from Uganda

The US tourist, Jean Paul Mirenge and Kimberly Endicott was kidnapped in Uganda as they entered the Queen Elizabeth National Park. The Uganda Police said that the kidnappers demanded $500, 000.

They are now safe in the hands of Ugandan security officials. The officials said that the pair is in good health. The couple was rescued after a joint operation by the military, Ugandan wildlife authority and special police tourist protection.

The Queen Elizabeth National Park runs along the border of Uganda and Dr Congo. The pair had gone on a safari to the national park. The pair are now safe and were freed after giving the ransom that was demanded by the kidnappers. There were 4 tourists in all. The other couple were older. They had the tourists on gun point. The 4 kidnappers grabbed the 2 out of the 4 and disappeared leaving the older couple.


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