US stops WHO funding

On April 15, 2020, the United States stopped its funding towards World Health Organization (WHO). The United States provides 400-500 million USD to the organization annually.


The American President Donald Trump was threatening the world organization that the United States would freeze its funding. The President has now stopped the funding completely accusing the organization being completely China-centric.

Funds of WHO

There are four major kinds of contributions that make up the funds of WHO. It includes assessed contribution, voluntary contribution, core voluntary contributions and PIP contributions.

The Assessed contributions are the amounts that are expected to be paid by member states. The Voluntary contributions are funds provided by countries through private organizations. The core voluntary contributions are those funds that require immediate financing. The PIP contributions are Pandemic Influenza Preparedness that were begun in 2011 to strengthen access of vaccines by developing countries.

Among all the contributions, voluntary contributions make up most of the funding.




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