US Senate passes bill to avert Government Shutdown

The US Congress recently passed a stop gap bill to avert government shutdown. The bill extended the funding through mid – February. The bill is usually passed so that the US Government does not run out of money.

Why was the bill passed?

The bill was passed to overcome brinkmanship over vaccine mandates. Brinkmanship is the practice of pursuing dangerous policy limits of safety before stopping. In simple words, the US government was about to run out of money due to its extensive COVID-19 vaccine measures. Therefore, came in demand for additional money. And thus, the stopgap bill was passed. Stopgap means a temporary measure or short-term fix.

What is Government Shutdown in the USA?

  • The Government Shutdown occurs in the United States when the US Parliament fails to enact a funding legislation. The funding may be for the next fiscal year or temporary. The current bill passed is for temporary funding.
  • Earlier, such shutdown occurred during President Obama period (for 16 days), President Bill Clinton period (21 days) and President Donald Trump period (35 days).
  • The shutdown disrupts government programmes and services. This includes closure of institutions and national parks. Also, the major loss occurs due to loss of labour. It also causes significant economic growth.




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