Urban planning kept peace in Harappa: Experts

According to Indus Valley Civilisation expert Jonathan Mark Kenoyer, Harappa was peaceful in comparison with all other first civilisations cities because of its urban planning.
The efficient water supply, proper sewage treatment and good drainage systems in Harappa were main reason for conflict avoidance.
Experts believe that this strategy is an important lesson to be learnt from the Harappans. Thus, it suggests that Harappan concept of cleanliness and wells and drains is not so much about hygiene but also conflict avoidance.

About Harappa
  • Harappa was an Indus Valley civilization’s urban centre. It lies on an old bank/bed of the River Ravi in Punjab Province of Pakistan.
  • It was the first site of the civilization to be excavated in 1921 led by team led by Daya Ram Sahni. The civilization had diversified social and economic system.
  • Its main feature was town planning were it had well grid locked pattern planned straight roads and a system of drainage. It also significant as there was use of baked as well as sundried bricks.
  • It had a fortified citadel. Houses with kitchens and wells, tanks or water reservoirs were also found. Presence of wheel made pottery and practice of burying the dead is also seen.




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