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"The Rice- Fishing Farming System can not only bring higher crop and water productivity, but has potential to answer the food security question in some areas of the country. Discuss"

Rice cum fish farming is a type of co-culture system in agriculture where paddy cultivation is integrated with aquaculture like fish, prawns, crabs, etc. According to FAO-GEF, it is considered as a “Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System”. The system has many benefit regarding social, economic, and environmental development. Benefits The system has several environmental benefits ..


Explain the various cropping patterns with reference to rice cultivation in India.

Cropping pattern It refers to the crop sequences and spatial arrangement techniques in an area at a particular point in time. It is usually measured over a period of years. It is a dynamic concept as the pattern changes depending on the place, circumstances, and many other factors. Types The Monocropping system allows one crop ..


In most of the five year plan, India missed the growth targets in agriculture. Analyze the key reasons for the low agricultural growth in the country.

Agriculture in India has been practiced since the time of the Indus Valley Civilization. The rank of India is second in terms of the total farm output. About 50% of India’s population is associated with the agricultural sector that contributes 17% of India’s GDP. After India’s independence, several revolutions have taken place that helped the ..