“Updated COVID-19 Containment Plan” released by GoI

On April 18, 2020, the Ministry of Health released “Updated Containment plan for large outbreaks COVID-19”. According to the plan, containment operations are to be scaled down when there are no new positive cases in the quarantined zone for at least 4 weeks.

Current Plan

Currently, “Containment for large outbreaks through Geographic Quarantine Strategy” is in action. According to this plan, entire India has been demarcated as hotspot, non-hotspot and green zone. Around 170 districts of hotspots have been identified. Out of these, 123 districts have been declared as large outbreaks and 47 hotspots are with clusters.

What is the new Plan?

  • A scenario-based approach has been adopted
  • Geographic quarantine strategy is to be adopted to minimize the movement of people in regions where the outbreak is high.
  • Hydroxychloroquine are to be given to all asymptomatic health care workers.
  • Social Distancing is to be implemented with strict perimeter control
  • To ensure Movement is completely restricted other than essential services
  • Vehicles moving out of the containment zones are to be decontaminated with sodium hypochlorite solution.




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