Update – Trump’s Border Wall

US President Donald Trump may have to wait a little longer to get his promised border wall as a US Federal Judge prohibited President Trump from using federally allocated funds to build sections of the wall along the high-priority segments on the US-Mexican border.

What is Trump s proposed border wall?

  • President Donald Trump had made the border wall on the US-Mexican border a key theme of his presidential campaign and after winning the presidency, he had been trying various alternatives to fund the construction of the border wall.
  • However, his efforts have been blocked in the American legislature and in the US courts, leaving him unable to acquire desired funding for the project.
  • His earlier efforts to secure funding for his wall led to a 35-day governmental shutdown.
  • The US-Mexican border wall would prevent illegal immigration into the US, as said by Trump.
  • His critics however call the border wall a vanity project and that the money can be put to better use in the strengthening the border controls.
  • The US-Mexican border is ridden with drug gangs and illegal arms smugglers but is also the preferred route for hapless refugees to enter the United States.

Border wall (fence) in India

India is too is building a modern wall (not of bricks and stones but of technology) under a new project, the Comprehensive Integrated Border Management System (CIBMS), that will equip the unfenced areas along the border with sensors. This project is expected to cover the entire Indo-Bangladeshi border. Since, smart fences had also been installed on the Indo-Pakistan border to prevent infiltrations.


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