Update : Border Controls in United States

United States president Donald Trump has announced that the US federal authorities plan to make several arrests of illegal immigrants in the country.

What is about to happen?

  • The head of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement has said that the efforts to deport families with orders to leave the country
  • The US president and other administration officials had discussed the long-planned anti-illegal immigrant family operations for months.
  • This operation is expected to target several people with final deportation orders on 10 major court dockets, including Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and Miami.
  • However, the arrests won’t be limited to these certain areas and the authorities will be free to go wherever their investigations lead.
  • Illegal immigrant families may be temporarily housed in hotels until they can be transferred to a detention center or be deported.

Why this is happening?

The US is a major destination for several people worldwide due to its bountiful economic opportunities. However, most chose the illegal way to enter the United States. While many immigrants have contributed immensely to the development of the economy, a few immigrants act as a drag. There is also widespread resentment against the immigrants in the United States which the presidential campaign of current President Donald Trump tapped into and gave him a victory.

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