Unusual symptoms from COVID-19Unusual symptoms from COVID-19

After the loss of sense of smell and taste, doctors have now identified neurological syndromes in a subset of COVID-19 patients.


Neurologists have identified that a small subset of COVID-19 patients are exhibiting neurological symptoms. They are presenting neurological symptoms called encephalopathy- an umbrella term for brain dysfunction arising due to various causes. Doctors are suspecting that the virus invades the nervous system in rare cases and causes damage resulting in symptoms like confusion, loss of memory, seizures, etc.


Earlier, doctors had reported anosmia among some of the COVID-19 patients. It is the sudden loss of the sense of smell. In South Korea, with its record high testing rates, 30% of the 2,000 odd COVID-19 patients presented a loss of sense of smell.


Ageusia is another unusual symptom of COVID-19 cases. Ageusia is the loss or diminished sense of taste. Neurological damage is one of the causes of ageusia. Doctors in Italy are using this symptom in identifying cases which are otherwise asymptomatic.



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