UNSC adopts resolution in stemming misuse of small arms

United Nation Security Council (UNSC) on 23 May 2015 adopted a resolution calling for stronger cooperation among member nations in stemming the illicit transfer and misuse of small arms and light weapons.
UNSC resolution comes in wake of underlining suffering caused by small arms and light weapons to civilians.
The resolution was passed nine votes favour of it and none against it, while six were abstentions.
Key facts of adopted resolution

  • Objective: Preventing of illicit transfers and sales of weapons and ammunition, including small arms and light weapons, to armed groups and criminal networks that target civilians.
  • Identified areas: The resolution identifies a wide range of areas for international cooperation which can bolster the recognition it.
  • It includes importance of well-targeted and monitored sanctions regimes, effective reintegration and demobilisation programmes, appropriate UN peacekeeping mandates and security sector reform.
  • The resolution also advocates establishment or strengthening of subregional and regional mechanisms to prevent, combat and eradicate the illicit transfer and misuse of small arms and small arms.
  • The asks member nations to effectively control the production of small arms within their jurisdiction and their export, import, transit or retransfer by laws, rules and administrative procedures.



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