Union Cabinet decides to grant 'Minority' status for the Jain community

The Union Cabinet decided to grant minority status to Jain community.
Objective: The status would help to give constitutional safeguards on Jains and make them eligible for welfare programmes of the minority affairs ministry. 
Thus, the Jains will be the 6th community to have minority status after Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists and Parsis.

 What are the special rights enjoyed by Religious Minorities?
  • Under the Constitution, religious minorities enjoy special rights.
  • For instance, under Article 30, they can manage their own educational institutions without interference or opening them up for reservation for students from other communities.
  • They also become eligible for funds under the government’s minority welfare programmes.
  • In India, 15 % of all funds under various programmes targeted towards minorities.

Note: A national minority status allows Jains to enjoy fundamental rights under Article 25 and Articles 26 to propagate their religion and also freedom to manage their religious affairs.



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