Union Cabinet approves revised cost estimates of Salma Dam Project in Afghanistan

The Union Cabinet has approved the reconstruction and completion of Salma Dam Project in Afghanistan at the Revised Cost Estimates (RCE) of 1775.69 crore rupees.
Decision in this regard was taken at the Union Cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in New Delhi.
Key facts

  • Salma Dam Project in Afghanistan is scheduled to be completed by June 2016. It is one of important project implemented to generate goodwill for India in Afghanistan.
  • Central Public Sector Unit M/s. WAPCOS under the aegis of Union Ministry of Water Resources is executing the project.
  • The completion of this project will address the energy requirements and irrigation needs of western Afghanistan leading to the overall economic development of the region.
  • The project cost was revised due to the foreign exchange rate variation between US dollar and Indian rupee. Consultancy charges, escalation, training of Afghan personnel etc also have increased the cost of project.

About Salma Dam project

Salma Dam project is situated on the upper reaches of Hari Rud River in Herat province of western Afghanistan. The project involves construction of a 107.5 meter high earth and rock  fill dam and a 42 MW power House with three units with each having capacity of 14 MW. It also has a provision for irrigation of 75,000 hectares of land by releasing water from dam.



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