Union Cabinet approves Air Services Agreement between India and Mozambique

The Union Cabinet has approved signing of the Air Services Agreement between India and Mozambique.
Presently there is no Air Services Agreement between both countries. In order to promote the air connectivity between them, the two sides had initiated the process of consultation in 2011 to finalize the text of Air Services Agreement.
The draft text of the Air Services Agreement (ASA) was finalized in consultation with Union Ministry of Finance, Union Ministry of External Affairs and Union Ministry of Law & Justice.
Features of the Agreement

  • Each party will designate multiple Airlines.
  • The designated Airline of each party can enter into cooperative marketing arrangements with the designated carriers of same party, other party and that of a Third party.
  • The designated airlines of either countries will be able establish offices in the territory of other country for the promotion and sale of air services.
  • The designated airlines of the two countries will have fair and equal opportunity to operate the agreed services on specified routes.
  • It also has provisions for revocation or suspension of operating authorization, principles governing operations of agreed services, commercial opportunities, safety and security related clause etc.



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