UNICEF Report: India Second largest in Pneumonia deaths

On November 14, 2019, United Nations’ new report on Pneumonia stated that India has the second largest deaths of children under the age of five due to Pneumonia in 2018. Globally more than 800,000 children died due to Pneumonia under the age of 5.

The report stated that though the disease is preventable through vaccines, more than 10 million die annually due to the disease


  • The five countries that were responsible for more than half of child deaths due to Pneumonia were Nigeria, India, Pakistan, Democratic Republic of Congo and Ethiopia
  • Pneumonia is responsible for 15% of deaths in children under 5.
  • The report named the disease as “Forgotten Epidemic”
  • Around half of pneumonia deaths are associated with air pollution

Highlights: Causes

The report mentions the following as the causes of Pneumonia in children under the age of 5

  • Inadequate Health Care
  • Lack of access to drinking water
  • Indoor Air Pollution
  • Burden of under nutrition

Highlights: Suggestions

The report suggests following suggestions

  • Increased investments to fight against the disease
  • Strong Global Commitment and an integrated platform. Countries should come together to exchange ideas and pneumonia eradication measures




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