Uneven vaccination in India’s most populous districts

India’s most populous districts are witnessing uneven vaccination coverage over the past months. This raise concerns over resurgence in covid-19 cases in some of the districts.


  • 30 most populous districts in India, that account for one sixth of India’s population, have recorded a drop in number of active covid cases. Cases have almost reduced to half.
  • Number of deaths and weekly new cases have also dropped.
  • As a result, lockdown rules are being reversed.
  • However, differences in vaccination coverage raise concerns about a resurgence in covid cases.

Where does India stand in vaccination coverage?

  • Internationally, Bangladesh retained its top position among the 10 most populous countries in increasing vaccination coverage. This week, Bangladesh reported an increase of 36.8%. however, vaccination coverage in the country still remains low at 11.7 partially vaccinated people per 100 population.
  • Bangladesh is not the only Asian country that have ramped up its vaccination pace.
  • Indonesia, the Philippines, and Japan all are increasing their vaccination coverage pace as compared to India.
  • Japan has partially vaccinated 83.6 people out of 100, so far. It only lag behind China and the United States.
  • Globally, vaccination coverage has increased to 16.38% this week as compared to 6.7% past week.

Covid-19 cases in India

​​New cases in India have reduced by 6%. However, 37 districts in the states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Himachal Pradesh and Karnataka are still reporting an increasing trend in daily cases. In Himachal Pradesh, cases have increased by 142% leading to re-imposition of lockdown restrictions.




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