UN seeks $606 million to aid Afghanistan after Taliban takeover

United Nations is hosting a high-level donors conference on September 13, 2021 seeking emergency funds for Afghanistan following the Taliban takeover of the country.


  • N. Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, was leading the United Nations meeting and called for more than $600 million in a “flash appeal” for Afghans.
  • The Taliban topples the country as the U.S. and NATO forces exited 20-year war in a chaotic departure.

Why this appeal was made?

Appeal for $600 million was made in the light of concerns that instability & upended humanitarian efforts along with the ongoing drought would further endanger lives and push Afghanistan toward famine. Recent developments in Afghanistan have increased the vulnerability of Afghans who have already been facing deprivation and violence. Thus, the U.N.’s World Food Program will be the major beneficiary of any funds collected during the conference.

How this conference would help?

The conference will put some Western governments and big traditional U.N. donors to tests, who want to help everyday Afghans without handing over any public relations victory or cash to the Taliban.

UN refugee agency

Head of the U.N. refugee agency, Filippo Grandi, made an unannounced visit to Kabul before the meeting. He was to assess humanitarian needs and situation of 3.5 million displaced Afghans, including 500,000 who got displaced in 2021 alone.

Taliban In Afghanistan

Taliban seized the power in Afghanistan on August 15, 2021, after capturing Kabul. Many Afghans remain deeply fearful even though Taliban have promised inclusiveness and a general amnesty for former opponents.




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