UN increases budget; includes funds for war crime probes

The United Nations has adopted 3.07 billion USD budget on December 27, 2019. The organization for the first time included investigation of war crimes in Myanmar and Syria in its fund allocation


The budget proposal for the year 2020 is slightly greater than that of 2019. In 2019, UN budget was 2.9 billion USD. The increase in the budget is mainly due to inflation, additional missions and exchange rate adjustments.

This year the investigation of crimes in Syria, Myanmar has been made as compulsory contributions to the member countries for the first time.

It is to be noted that United Nations faced severe Financial crisis in October 2019. However, it recovered itself after the major contributors like US, China paid their dues.

Expenditure of the UN

The United Nations has categorized its spending in to 5 general groups namely. The top most preference is given to humanitarian assistance (34%). The other categories include development assistance (24%), peacekeeping operations (19%), knowledge-creation operations (16%) and technical cooperation (7%).




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