US and UK spying on virtual world, online games

As per the secret documents disclosed by whistle-blower Edward Snowden, in an effort to identify terrorist threats, US and British spies have reportedly penetrated the massive communities playing video games such as World of War craft, etc.

Why are US and UK intelligence agencies fearing from online gaming platform?

US and British intelligence fear that the terrorists could use the hugely popular platform to plot attacks, as online gaming is a big business attracting tens of millions of users worldwide who inhabit their digital worlds as make-believe characters, living and competing with the avatars of other players.

Why there are concerns on the spying of online games?

The US and UK spying agencies conducted operations illegally; not taking permission from the authorized owner of the online games. This has raised concerns over the privacy of the online-gamers. It is however, unclear that how these agencies accessed the data, or how many communications were collected. It is also not clear how the NSA ensured that it was not monitoring innocent Americans whose identity and nationality may have been concealed and compromised behind their virtual avatar.



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