UK shocked at Haines beheading

ISIS a self-proclaimed caliphate and militant group who have since their sudden and astronomical rise in the northern and western Iraq have been sending shock waves around the world with their inhuman and brutal mass murders have now put their hands on ruthless beheading of western civilians who have been captured from the war zones in Syria. Starting from James Foley to Sotloff and the recent beheading of the British aid worker David Haines has again ripped apart the conscious of the civilized world.
The UK Prime Minister David Cameron has expressed the greatest solidarity and condolences with the Haines family and has further affirmed his country’s resolve to deal with his murderers. He called ISIS as far from Islam a religion which preaches peace and stated that ISIS are not Muslims but sheer monsters.
ISIS has stemmed up from amongst the rebel groups which wanted Assad government to step down. Their head Baghdadi was also leading Al-Qaeda in Iraq which he left to raise ISIS. Lootings, plunders and seizures of territories made the group well-funded and extremely rich. Its international recruitments even in western countries made many British, US and Australian youths to go to Iraq and join ISIS.
The reason behind the recent spate of beheading stands clear. The territories which it acquired in a blitzkrieg was largely due to help of some Sunni locals and absolutely zero resistance. This made their advance very smooth and deadly. However, ever since the US began its airstrikes against ISIS, many of its operations have been foiled and advance considerably toughened. The airstrikes has also helped the Iraqi and Kurdish ground forces to regain some of the key areas.
David Cameron has come out strong and has said that the beheading of UK national has strengthened the resolve of UK government to work with the coalition forces to drive back, dismantle and destroy ISIL and its ideologies which are far from Islam. Cameron while addressing an emergency security meeting said ISIS presented a grave threat to the entire Middle East.
EU also expressed solidarity with the British cause and issued a statement “together with international and regional partners, the EU will spare no effort to ensure that an end is put to this atrocious terrorist campaign and all perpetrators are held accountable”.