UK Government passes motion to recognize Palestine

The UK House of Commons passed a motion, voting overwhelmingly in favour of recognizing Palestine as a State. Significantly, this motion is not binding on the UK government even though the House voted 274-12 in favour of granting recognition. Therefore, the vote, though highly symbolic, is not expected to bring about any real change in the policy of the British government with respect to Palestine.

Stand of the UK government

The British government has maintained that it will grant recognition to Palestine only if it will further the cause of peace. It is believed that the government will consider recognizing Palestine only if a peace deal is agreed upon bilaterally by Palestine  and Israel.

Split between parties

The majority of the Labour Party voted in favour of the motion granting recognition. The motion had the complete backing of the Shadow Cabinet of the Labour Party. However, the Conservative Party was not in favour of granting recognition. Most Conservative MPs, including the PM David Cameron, abstained.
Despite the vote, all the MPs, from both parties, acknowledged Israel’s right to exist in security.



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