UK conducts world’s biggest human organ imaging project

The UK has launched world’s biggest scanning project- UK Bio-bank imaging study  in which 100,000 British volunteers are participating to undergo a detailed imaging of their brain, heart and vital organs to help researchers study a wide range of common, chronic and life-threatening illnesses like diabetes, cancer and heart disease.  DNA has been collected from all the volunteers who will be compared and cross-referenced with the scans.
What is the significance of this UK Bio-bank imaging study project?
The significance of this study lies in its huge size and the methodology being used to study wide range of health conditions in humans. The study will enrich the doctors and scientists with unprecedented level of information on wide range of illnesses, including dementia, heart disease, cancer, arthritis, depression and eye and lung disorders over many years. The aim is to try to improve the diagnosis and treatment of these diseases. It will help scientists understand why one person gets a disease and another does not.



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