UIDAI launches online authentication services

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has launched three new Aadhaar-enabled services and announced the establishment of around 300 permanent enrolment centres (Aadhaar kendras). The number of centres will be scaled up to 1,000 by September 2013.
These services will enable Aadhaar holders to avail themselves of various services by using the Aadhaar identity platform. Various user agencies [public or private] will also use these services to identify a beneficiary/customer through a fast, secure, economical and paperless format
What are the Three services?
The three services use three different technologies for Identity Authentication. These are:

  1. Iris Scan technology: Enables Aadhaar holders to identify himself / herself using their iris images.
  2. One Time Pin (OTP) technology: To enable Aadhaar-based authentication of all those who had registered a mobile telephone number during enrolment, using their phone anytime, anywhere on a self -service mode.
  3. e-KYC (Electronic-Know Your Customer) technology: To allow individuals to authorize service providers to receive an electronic copy of their proof of identity and address. It can be used by various agencies to verify a person’s identity and address. Further, only demographic information (name, address, date of birth, gender and mobile number) that is collected during Aadhaar enrolment shall be shared, at the request of, and/or with the consent of the Aadhaar user, but will be provided only for few seconds to avoid any misuse.

India is the first country to offer iris based technology platform that can be used by nearly 350 million people who hold Aadhaar numbers.



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