Uber and Hyundai Motor Collaborated

To develop Electric Air Taxis, US ride-hailing company Uber Technologies Incorporated and South Korean automaker Hyundai Motor has collaborated, which will focus on making small self-flying cars that will help in reducing urban congestion and designed to carry up to four passengers along with a pilot and fly on trips of up to 60 miles i.e 100km.

The team is making progress towards a goal of launching Uber Air by 2023 and expecting commercialization of urban air mobility service in 2028 as it takes time for system and laws to settle and aims that total cost to produce and operate Urban Air Mobility vehicles should be low enough for everyone to make use of it.

Hyundai Motor is the first carmaker to join Uber’s electric air taxi project under which it will produce a concept Electronic Aircraft that will be utilized by the Uber Air taxi project, apart from it the South Korean company has pledged to invest 1.8 trillion won(1.1 billion pounds) by 2025 in the project.



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