UAE plans Mars Mission

The United States, India and European Space Agency have sent successful missions to Mars. China is now preparing to launch its first Mars rover in July. Now United Arab Emirates is to join the elite club of sending a probe to Mars.


UAE is the first country in the Arab world to plan a mission to Mars. The mars probe is being launched to mark the 50th anniversary of its unification. The unmanned spacecraft is expected to reach the target in February, 2020. The Mars probe is to be launched from Japan’s Tanegshima Space Centre of Japan.

About the mission

The mission will provide images of weather dynamics in Mars atmosphere. It paves way for scientific breakthroughs. The mission is the foundation for human settlement in Mars. Dubai has already hired architects to design “Martian City”. The city is to be recreated as “Science City” at a cost of 135 million USD.

The mission is called “Hope Mars Mission”. The mission will take 7-9 months to arrive at Mars.

Role of ISRO in the mission

The United Arab Emirates Space Agency and ISRO had set up a joint working group committee to work in the mission.




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