U.S. to establish National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute (NAMII) to prevent jobs drain to India

The US administration has decided to establish institute for manufacturing innovations to help prevent jobs going to India and China.

It plans to set up National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute (NAMII), in Ohio, through public-private partnership and has received $70 million as initial financial assistance.

Earlier, in March 2012, Obama had declared plans to invest $1 billion to catalyze a network of up to 15 manufacturing innovation institutes that would serve as regional centres of manufacturing excellence and help to make manufacturers more competitive and promote investment in the U.S.

What is Additive Manufacturing Technology?

· NAMII will offer the innovation infrastructure required to support new additive manufacturing technology and products to become a global centre of excellence in this field.

· Additive manufacturing, which is also known as 3D printing, is a new way of making products and components from a digital model, and will have significance to a wide range of industries, including defense, aerospace, automotive, and metals manufacturing.



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