Tunisia Parliament approves first coalition government after Arab Spring

Tunisia Parliament has approved the first historic coalition government after the Arab spring.
In this regard, 166 out of 204 Members of Parliament (MPs) voted in favor of the new cabinet proposed by the Prime Minister Habib Essid. The new coalition Government comprised of liberal Nida Tounes party, moderate Islamist Ennahda party and the Free Patriotic party.
In the coalition government, Nidaa Tounes party holds 6 portfolios, including the foreign ministry. While, the interior, defence and justice portfolios have been given to independents. Ennahda party holds labour ministry and three secretary of state posts.
In October election 2014, Nidaa Tounes party had won the most seats in country’s first free presidential and Parliamentary elections in the wake of 2011 Arab Spring. They had formed a coalition government after the election. While, Beji Caid Essebsi was elected as President.
Arab Spring- Tunisia was birth place of Arab Spring which started in 2011 to overthrow country’s longtime dictator Ben Ali. Later it spread to many parts of the Arab countries like Egypt, Libya, Syria and Yemen.
In every country except Tunisia the revolution had turned violent. In case of Syria it turned into civil war.



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