Top 20 India Current Affairs Questions – March, 2021

  1. The Union Cabinet approved a proposal to impose President’s Rule in which state/UT?

Answer: Puducherry

  1. As per the 2nd Advance Estimates, what is the value of record high production of food grains during the current crop year?

Answer: 109.24 million tonnes

  1. From which date is the 2nd phase of COVID vaccination is set to commence in India?

Answer: March 01, 2021

  1. As per the new Information Technology Rules, digital platforms will have to provide required information within how many hours?

Answer: 72 hours

  1. India recently agreed to stop the Cross-border firing with which country?

Answer: Pakistan

  1. Which state/UT announced that all departments of the government will use only electric vehicles?

Answer: Delhi

  1. India held bilateral consultations with which country on the issues of UN Security Council?

Answer: Ireland

  1. Who is the Chairperson of the task force on Interlinking of Rivers (ILR), which has agreed Mahandi- Gadavari link?

Answer: Sriram Vedire

  1. What is objective of ‘E-Daakhil’ portal, which was making news recently?

Answer: Consumer grievance redressal

  1. What is the user threshold mandated for defining a ‘significant’ social media intermediary?

Answer: 50 lakh

  1. India has agreed to set up a hotline with which of its neighbouring country?

Answer: China

  1. Which state approved a law to give life imprisonment to food adulterators?

Answer: Madhya Pradesh

  1. Who has inaugurated the India Toy Fair 2021?

Answer: Prime Minister of India

  1. Which mapping company has integrated into the Government’s Co-WIN portal?

Answer: MapMyIndia

  1. The Government of India has proposed to partner with which institution for creating a Centre of Excellence in gaming?

Answer: IIT Bombay

  1. The Land Ports Authority of India works under which Union Ministry?

Answer: Ministry of Home Affairs

  1. ARMEX-21, a major skiing expedition launched by the Indian Army covers which two regions?

Answer: Ladakh and Uttarakhand

  1. Which Union Ministry launched the real-time monitoring system of toll plazas at national highways across the country?

Answer: Ministry of Road Transport and Highways

  1. India has sent food and medical assistance to which drought-hit country, onboard its Indian Naval Ship Jalashwa?

Answer: Madagascar

  1. What is the new name of the merged entity of the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha channels?

Answer: Sansad Channel



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