Top 10 International Current Affairs Questions – April, 2021

  1. Which country has released the world’s first animal vaccine against the novel coronavirus?

Answer: Russia

  1. The ‘Muktijoddha Scholarship scheme’ is provided to the students of which country, by the Government of India?

Answer: Bangladesh

  1. Which country has rejected the proposal for imports of sugar and cotton from India?

Answer: Pakistan

  1. Which country has witnessed the full bloom of cherry blossom season, earliest since 1400?

Answer: Japan

  1. Benjamin Netanyahu is set to form a new Government in which country?

Answer: Israel

  1. Which country has approved Qelbree, the first new drug for children with Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)?

Answer: USA

  1. As per the World Trade Organisation, what is the global merchandise trade volume growth in 2021 and 2022 respectively?

Answer: 8 per cent; 4 per cent

  1. The President of which country has approved a law, permitting him to hold office for 12 more years?

Answer: Russia

  1. Longi Green Energy, which is considered to be the world’s biggest solar company, belongs to which country?

Answer: China

  1. The Barakah nuclear power plant, which started its commercial operation recently, is situated in which country?

Answer: UAE



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