Scientists develop new tool to improve monsoon forecast

Scientists from Florida State University in the US have developed new tool for objectively defining onset and demise of Indian Summer Monsoon (ISM) . The new method uses rainfall rates to mark span of ISM at any given location throughout affected region.


For generations, scientists have struggled to produce model for reliably defining duration of monsoon. No existing system has allowed researchers to reliably define parameters of season at fine scale as seen in this new model. Current weather forecasting and monitoring protocols focus attention on monsoon onset at one location, specifically in Kerala, and extrapolate for rest of region.
The new model takes into consideration specific locations by covering whole country, and objectively defines onset and demise dates for any given year. The new system ties onset of monsoon to location-specific rainfall thresholds and can work to allay confusion and frustration due to lack of clear, granular and objective benchmark for ISM onset and demise for all areas of country.



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