Third Industrial Revolution – What are Drivers? – DK Majhi

Throughout the history, economic transformation occurs when new energy system occurs and converge with new communication technology.The new form of communication become the medium for organising and managing the civilisation with the help of new source of energy.

In this current era the internet communication technology and renewable energies are giving rise to the third industrial revolution



The invention of steam powered engine and printing press managed the first industrial revolution. The printing press in the form of news paper, magazines and books brought magnificient changes in the common masses of Europe and it led them towards rennnaissance, self awareness, innovative etc.

Again in the first decades of 20th century electrical communication converged with the invent of internal combustion engine gave rise to 2nd industrial revolution. This 2nd industrial revolution began with the Henry ford’s new formulae of mass production


Now the conjoining internet communication and renewable energy is giving rise to a third industrial revolution. The revolution in communication technology like digital technologies, internet, satellite and wireless technologies converge with a new energy system and that led to a new industrial era. The third industrial revolution already happening through the rise of digital manufacturing. This process changing the industrial trend from mass production to mass customization. The key to this latest wave in manufacturing innovation is the convergence of a number of sophisticated technologies, new and more lightweight technologies, robotics and 3d printing.

However the 3rd industrial revolution cannot be successful with the only revolutionary communication technology. This modern era demands invents of more renewable sources of energies which can meets the scarcity of energy resources in the current period. Innovation in new energy resources, productions, technologies and communications are necessary for major reforms in industrial trend.

Throughout the history it is shown that whenever there is a scarcity in the natural resources , it has always gave birth to a new source of energy system.

For example: In first industrial revolution wood charcoal was replaced by coal and there was invention of steam engine. Today the whole world feels the scarcity of energy resources. The previous industrial revolutions have almost degraded the natural resources of the world and also polluted the environment which led to global warming, ecological degradation etc. In the previous era of industrialization human society did not think about future generation. They were unaware of sustainable development. Today we are on the verge of new era,”


Fossil fuels, coal and other non renewable resources of energy are reducing at very fast rate. The impact of this consumption of resources have changed the ecological balance. Global warming, environmental pollution, soil erosion, sea level increasing are increasing at very fast rate.

So if we have to succeed in overcoming problems ahead of us, we have to find new advanced resources of energies and adapt economic development accordingly. This will require developing low carbon content sources of energy, new innovative technology to boost productions with convergence of new communication technology. We have to also secure our environment for our future generation. We have to enhance our growth rate as well as protect our environment i:e sustainable development. This era should be known as era of “economic- sustainable development”.


There are many factors ,pillars which can give boost to a new era of industrial revolution. A few of among them are.

  1. shifting of existing energy system to a new renewable energy system.
  2. using latest communication technology in the growth.
  3. protect the environment with eco-friendly activity in all aspects.
  4. eradication of socio-economic problems of poorer countries.
  5. gradual shifting of non renewable industries to renewable based industries.


Renewable forms of energy solar, wind, geothermal, hydro, biomass should be promoted. There should be innovative and low cost effective technology should be adopted to acquire these resources. Today these energy resources accounts a very small percentage in total energy consumption of the world. We have to make these resources to a major contributor to the world’s total energy requirement. Developed nations have already started adopting these technologies but it is very less in other poorer countries. It needs a mutual co-operation among the developed and developing countries in technology transfer. At this junction the whole world should united as one nation-one earth.


Today the whole world is witnessing a new trend in communication technology, i. e. shifting from analogous to digital technology. History has shown that communication technology have been playing important roles in each economic-industrial transformation phase. In 1st industrial revolution printing press has an imp role and 2nd industrial revolution electrical communication played very important role. This age is age of digital revolution. Today the internet, web based services, new software technology, robotics, nano technology have changed the life style of the industrial society. It has led to mass production, efficiency, quality enhancement, low labour inputs etc.


It is the most prevailing problem which requires special attention. Today whole world requires sustainable development to prevent our earth from further degradation. Since from the formation of UNFCC and starting of global earth summit-1992, its member nations have never reached to a final agreement . There are many reasons behind it as like difference in opinion among developed nations and developing nations. Many major economies have not ratified to the protocols like Kyoto-1997.The main differences in opinion are on fund transfer and technology transfer. These all differences should be resolved as soon as possible. Current situation of the world demands a complete legally binding protocol. All the countries have to united as one instead of dividing themselves.


Today most of the developing and poor nations are struggling with many socio-economic problems like over population growth, poverty, terrorism, gender inequality ,illiteracy etc. They are busy with their concerned problems. As a result they lacks in resources, funds, attention towards new innovative ideas in technology development, research and development etc. All these socio-economic problems makes extra burden on their natural resources and finally they are bound to be under developed.

All international organizations like UN and developed nations must help them in overcoming their problems.


At present the whole world facing towards acute shortage of fossil fuels, coal and other non renewable sources of energy. We need to shift our energy consumption behaviour towards renewable resources. Resources like solar energy ,wind ,tidal, hydro, geothermal, nuclear should be promoted throughout the world. The civilization must change its energy usage pattern.


Today we are on the verge of a new era ‘age of ecological scarcity’. We need to be more innovative in eco friendly technology, developing low carbon source of energy. Technology innovation, sustainable development can bring out a successful new era of

‘third industrial revolution’

. History has shown that such changes in response to scarcity have occurred before and those economies that have instigated the transformation first have emerged as leaders. THE QUESTION REMAINS WHO WILL BE THE WINNERS AND WHO WILL BE LOOSERS.