Test flight of unarmed Minuteman 3 missile conducted by the US

The US has tested an unarmed Minuteman 3 intercontinental ballistic missile from California on a test flight to a target in the Pacific Ocean. This has been informed by the Air Forces Global Strike Command of the US.


The missile blasted off at 12:21 am from Vandenberg Air Force Base and it three reentry vehicles travelled 4200 miles to the Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands as part of a development test by the US Air Force. This test flight was necessary for sustaining the ageing Minuteman 3 nuclear weapon system. It has also been made clear that it has nothing to do with the current events in the world since the tests are planned six months to 1 year in advance for execution whereas the calendars are developed three to five years in advance.

What is an ICBM?

It is a guided ballistic missile with a minimum range of 5500 kilometres and they are mainly used for the delivery of nuclear weapons. Also, biological and chemical weapons can also be delivered with varying effectiveness through these missiles.




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