Telecom operators to compensate consumers by Rs 1 for call drop: TRAI

Telecom Regulatory Authority of Indian (TRAI) has made it mandatory for telecom operators to compensate consumers by Rs.1 for call drops with effect from 1 January 2016.
As per new TRAI rules

  • The compensation will be limited to three dropped calls in a particular day.
  • It is mandatory for telecom operators to send a message to the calling customer within 4 hours of the occurrence of call drop along with details of amount credited in his account.
  • In case of post-paid customers, the compensation details of the credit should be provided in the next bill.

What is Call drop?

  • Call drop occurs after voice call is interrupted or disconnected before it is completed after being successfully established.
  • Thus, it can be said that it represents telecom operator’s inability to maintain a successfully established call prior to their normal completion.
  • Reasons: Call drop may occur if signal strength of mobile tower of telecom operator goes below the minimum acceptable single to make a call.
  • It may also even occur due to interference created by bad environmental conditions and because of improper hard handoff if user is moving from one cell to another cell.



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