Telangana Extends Mid-Day Meal Facility to Junior College and Degree College Students

In order to reduce the drop-out rates in the junior colleges, the Telangana government has announced that the mid-day meal facility will be extended to the students of the government junior colleges and degree colleges across the state. This will provide the opportunity to reduce the rate of drop-out along with providing nutritional support to the children. The scheme will come into effect from the current academic year itself.

The idea came from the instance that former Minister C Laxma Reddy and government college teacher Raghuram were providing mid-day meals to the students of a junior college situated 80 km away from Hyderabad. When this duo met the Chief Minister to discuss setting up of a botanical garden in their college, the CM got to know about their altruism. That influenced him and he adopted it on a large scale across the state.

Mid-day Meal Scheme

The Mid-day Meal Scheme is a school meal programme of the Government of India designed to increase the nutritional support to the school-going children. Under this program, free lunch is provided by the government in primary, upper primary classes in government, government-aided, local body schools. It was launched in the year 1995 and is the largest of its kind in the world. This scheme is administered by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India.




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