“SWASTHVAYU”: India creates record developing ventilator in 36 days

The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) NAL (National Aerospace Laboratories), Bengaluru has developed a ventilator called “Swasthvayu”. The ventilator has been designed in a record time of 36 days.


The ventilator developed by CSIR is a Non-Invasive BiPAP Ventilator. The ventilator is made of built-in biocompatible coupler and a high efficiency filter. These features make the ventilator help reduce the fear against COVID-19.

About the ventilator

The ventilator includes provisions to connect oxygen concentrator externally. The ventilator has been accredited by NABL.


NABL is National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories. It tests and certifies medical devices, laboratories, testing providers. It has Mutual Recognition Arrangement with International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation and Asia Pacific Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation.

Mutual Recognition Agreements

The Mutual Recognition agreements are agreements under which two or more countries agree on one another assessment. These agreements became common after the formation of World Trade Organization.

Signing of such agreements help in improving trade between the countries.




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