UN suspends Maria Sharapova as Goodwill Ambassador after doping allegations

The United Nations (UN) has suspended Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova as Goodwill Ambassador of the organisation after she was tested positive on doping allegations.
She was suspended by New York based UN Development Programme (UNDP) until the outcome of the investigation into her case is known.
However, UNDP has mentioned that they are grateful to Maria Sharapova for her support to their work, especially around the Chernobyl nuclear disaster recovery.
Earlier in March 2016, the five times Grand Slam champion and the highest-paid female athlete Maria Sharapova had announced that she tested positive for a drug called meldonium, at the Australian Open earlier in January 2016.

What is Meldonium?

  • Meldonium also known as Mildronate is a medical drug given to patients suffering from heart and circulatory conditions for enhancing their physical capacity and mental function.
  • Its use mainly leads to production more red blood cells (RBCs) in the body in order to increase oxygen supply to muscles for enhancing endurance.
  • World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) had added the drug to the Prohibited List of 2016.
  • It was added to prohibited list because its illegal use by athletes with the intention of enhancing their performance which violates the fair spirit of sport.



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