Suresh N Patel Appointed as Vigilance Commissioner

Suresh N Patel was recently appointed as a Vigilance Commissioner and the oath of office was administered by the newly appointed Central Vigilance Commissioner, Sanjay Kothari.


Suresh N Patel was appointed as a Vigilance Commissioner- a post that had been vacant for more than 10 months. He was administered the oath of office by the newly appointed Central Vigilance Commissioner, Sanjay Kothari. Patel was the former chief of Andhra Bank and a member of the advisory board for banking and financial frauds to the CVC. The other Vigilance Commissioner at the CVC is Sharad Kumar.

Vigilance Commissioner

The Central Vigilance Commission is composed of a Central Vigilance Commissioner and not more than 2 Vigilance Commissioners. They are selected by a committee comprising the PM, Union Minister of Home Affairs and the Leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha and appointed by the President. The Vigilance Commissioner has a tenure of 4 years or till the age of 65 years (whichever is earlier).

Organisational Structure

The CVC has the following organisational structure:

  • A Central Vigilance Commissioner
  • Not more than 2 Vigilance Commissioners
  • A Secretariat comprising Secretary, four Additional Secretaries, thirty Directors/Deputy Secretaries (including two Officers on Special Duty), four Under Secretaries and office staff.
  • Chief Technical Examiners’ Wing (CTE)

Commissioners for Departmental Inquiries (CDI)



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