Surat: First district to have 100% solar powered health centres

Surat district in Gujarat become first in country to have 100% solar powered Primary Health Centers (PHCs). All 52 PHCs in the district are now powered by solar system. With this, Surat sets an example for country by developing villages that use sustainable forms of energy at a time when global warming is mounting with each passing day

Key Facts

The solarification of all PHCs in Surat district will bring down electricity bill by 40% and also help fight global warming. Other than PHCs, there are 572 gram panchayats in district, out of which 150 are solar powered gram panchayats and soon other 422 panchayats will too be solar powered. 75% of the total expense of making gram panchayat solar powered is borne by state government and remaining 25% by district panchayats.



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