Supreme Court directs states to set up Gram Nyayalayas

On February 3, 2020, the Supreme Court of India directed the states to establish “Gram Nyayalayas” within four weeks’ time span. The apex court has directed the corresponding state high courts to expedite the process of consultation with the state governments.


The Gram Nyayalayas act, 2008 was passed to provide establishment of Gram Nyayalayas at the grass root level. The main objective of the judicial body is to provide inexpensive justice in rural areas.

The current scenario of the states with respect to the Gram Nyayalayas were submitted by the SC Advocate Prashant Bhushan.

Current Scenario of the States

According to the report presented by the Advocate, Goa has issued two notification to establish the Gram Nyayalayas. However, none are functioning at the moment. Haryana had issued notification for 3 and Currently only two are functioning.

In Jharkhand, 6 were notified, but only one is functioning. The state of Uttar Pradesh notified 113 Gram Nyayalayas. However, only 14 are functioning. The state had to establish 822.

At present, only 208 Gram Nyayalayas are functioning as against 2,500 required to function according to the 12th five-year plan.




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