Sudan tanker accident

In the first week of December, an industrial accident in Sudan’s capital city of Khartoum claimed the lives of 23 people. The victims include 18 Indian citizens. The accident happened when a gas tanker blasted near a ceramics factory. The tanker was unloading its cargo at the time of the blast. The blast initiated a fire which spread across the industrial area and led to the complete destruction of the Seela Ceramics Factory which employed about 60 Indians. The accident was blamed on lack of safety measures, random and improper storage of inflammable material and also because the factory was ill- equipped with fire safety equipment. The incident caused injury to about 130 people. Several Indian workers were also reported missing and some others were hospitalized. The External Affairs Ministry of India has set up an emergency hotline for the Indians and the Indian embassy in Khartoum was involved in providing assistance for the victims.


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