Study: Risk of cardiovascular disease to increase in TN

As per a recent STRiDE -I study, under the current scenario, risk of cardiovascular (CV) diseases is going to increase in urban and rural population in Tamil Nadu in the future.


  • Researchers from Dr. A. Ramachandran’s Diabetes Hospital studied trend of cardiovascular diseases in different sets of population.
  • They conducted the study on a population they had studied a decade earlier and found that all the risk factors for CV diseases including lipids, hypertension and dysglycemia (diabetes and pre-diabetes) had increased among them.
  • Study was conducted in urban, semi-urban and rural population.

Key findings of the study

  • There is significant increase in diabetes as well cholesterol among population.
  • Prevalence of hypertension has increased in semi-urban population but not among villagers.
  • Obesity, dyslipidemia and cholesterol are traditional risk factors for CV diseases.
  • In urban and semi-urban population, including in Chennai and Kancheepuram, central obesity has increased by 34%, hypertension has increased by 42%, dyslipidemia by 15% while dysglycemia increased by 46%.
  • In rural population, central obesity has increased by 57%. However, prevalence of hypertension did not increase. Dysglycemia has increased by 72% while dyslipidaemia has increased by 39%.
  • Hypertriglyceridemia, which is a major component of DL, is most common and early abnormality among persons with diabetes.

Way Forward

According to study, there is an increasing secular trend in CV risk factors across urban and rural areas in Tamil Nadu. So, study has called for innovative methods to reach rural population. It suggests to improve and expand facilities of prevention and appropriate treatment of metabolic diseases like diabetes and CV diseases.




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